OPERA in the Pā Terms and Conditions

Conditions of entry, dress code, prohibited items, permitted items and age policy

Conditions of Entry for special events at Te Puia

At Te Puia, we go out of our way to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In return, we ask you to respect our facilities and help contribute to an enjoyable event for all our patrons. To achieve this, we require all visitors to Te Puia to meet the following conditions of entry. Please note, conditions are subject to change without notice.

Patrons and visitors must allow authorised staff to search their vehicles, clothes, bags, containers, or other possessions for items in violation of these conditions of entry.

Any patron or visitor who refuses to participate in searches, appears intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or exhibits disorderly behaviour may be denied entry, asked to leave the venue and/or be trespassed.


Dress Code

  • For safety reasons, footwear is to be worn at all times.
  • We do not permit gang patches or gang paraphernalia to be displayed.
  • No high-visibility vests or clothing may be worn.

Te Puia is an AUAHI KORE SMOKE FREE venue.  This includes the use of e-cigarettes and vaporisers.


Prohibited Items

  • Commercially prepared foods such as takeaways and soft drinks
  • Chilly bins
  • Cans, aluminium or glass containers, bottles, or cutlery
  • Alcohol or illicit drugs
  • Air horns or loud hailers
  • Furniture, chairs, or stools
  • Animals (except for Assistance Dogs)
  • Dangerous goods
  • Selfie sticks
  • Costume/dress-up full-face masks and helmets
  • Large items that cannot be placed under the seat
  • Fireworks, flares, or laser lights
  • Large poles for flags that could be considered dangerous or view obstructing
  • Items that in the opinion of management/security could cause harm or nuisance to other patrons


Permitted Items

  • A small bag that can fit under your seat *
  • Sealed plastic bottle of water up to 750ml (lid may be removed on entry) *


Age Policy

For all-ages events, children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.  In most instances children will require their own ticket.

For 18+ events ID will be required for entry. Accepted ID is Passport, NZ Drivers Licence or Kiwi Access Card.