Kiwi Conservation Centre
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Kiwi Conservation Centre

Te Puia’s Kiwi Conservation Centre provides an unparalleled experience with our national treasures. for visitors who purchase Te Rā, Te Rā + Haka, and Te Pō Combo. Witness live, active Kiwis in their nocturnal enclosure, observe their foraging behaviours, explore their history, and discover our conservation initiatives.


Our purpose-built environment features specialized lighting for vegetation growth, an isolation room for sick or injured Kiwis, soundproof panels, and is part of the national captive management program for North Island Brown Kiwi, under the coordination of the Zoo Aquarium Association (ZAA).


No Photography, Videography or Mobile Phones: To ensure the well-being of our Kiwi, photography and filming are not allowed in the Kiwi enclosure. Please silence your mobile phones as screen lights can affect the Kiwi.

Kiwi Encounters

See the kiwi live, close up and active in their nocturnal enclosure. Watch them forage, discover their fascinating history, and learn more about our conservation activities to protect them.

Award-winning conservation facility

Featuring a temperature controlled environment for the kiwi and special lightening for growing vegetation, an isolation room for sick or injured kiwi, soundproof panels and a speaker system with educational information.


Te Puia is part of the national captive management programme for North Island Brown Kiwi, coordinated by the Zoo Aquarium Association (ZAA). We are bound by promises to our tūpuna, our ancestors, to preserve our unique flora, fauna, language and culture.

No Photography or Videography

To keep our Kiwis happy and healthy, no cameras or filming is authorised within the Kiwi enclosure. Please ensure your mobile phone is on silent or turned off prior to entering.