Kiwi Conservation Centre- Breeding Programme

August 24, 2022 | Te Puia Blog, Homepage, Kiwi Conservation Centre

Kiwi Conservation Centre- Breeding Programme

August 26th August, 2022

Edited: Tracy and Eve (Te Puia Conservation Officers)

Te Puia’s Kiwi Conservation Centre

One of Te Puia’s greatest drawcards is its new Kiwi Conservation Centre that gets you up-close-and-personal with one of our national treasures like never before.

If you’re a Kiwi who’s never seen a Kiwi, Te Puia provides the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Now you can get a really close look at these endangered birds in a special darkened enclosure and learn how the sanctuary is working to protect them.

The Honeymoon Begins

Kiwi Conservation Centre– Breeding Programme

After falling in love in our Kiwi Conservation Centre, Manaia and Mikaere have been upgraded to Te Puia’s Honeymoon Suite.

The below video shows the typical breeding behaviour of a Kiwi pair, which has been recorded on remote motion sensor cameras!

You’ll see that both the male and female Kiwi play a part in preparing the nest for the arrival of their new pēpi (baby/ chick).

Brand New Facility

Featuring a temperature controlled environment for the kiwi and special lightening for growing vegetation, an isolation room for sick or injured kiwi, soundproof panels and a speaker system with educational information.



Te Puia’s commitment to preserving our taonga species is demonstrated by our participation in the national captive management programme for North Island Brown Kiwi- coordinated by the Zoo Aquarium Association (ZAA). As well as fulfilling an advocacy role for the species, another component is captive breeding.

Highlights of your visit to Te Puia

  • Discover Te Puia’s history and lineage with a personalised guided tour – each guide adds a personal touch to inspire and help visitors truly connect with the Te Puia experience.
  • Explore a 60-hectare landscape of uncovered natural bush, geysers and mud pools with a remarkable walk along the Te Whakarewarewa geyser terrace. Home to the Pōhutu geyser – the largest geyser in the Southern Hemisphere!
  • Get up-close-and-personal with one of our national treasures like never before in our brand new Kiwi Conservation Centre.
  • Traditional Māori Carving and Weaving performed before your eyes, including wood, stone & bone carvings as well flax-weaving.
  • Our model Pre-European Maori Village and sacred Marae gives you a rare glimpse into how Māori people lived prior to European settlement.
  • Shop online for authentic Māori art from Āhua Gallery at Te Puia. Browse the range of collections including pounamu, wood carvings, whale bone, bronze, stone & more.