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July 30, 2022 | Sales & Marketing

Kia ora, we have created this page for quick access to some downloadable imagery, videos, media agreements, logos and other information to assist you in your support of Te Puia l NZMACI located in Rotorua, New Zealand.

If you would like to request any further information in regard to advertising, marketing, filming etc. at Te Puia, please contact our General Manager Sales & Marketing; Sean Marsh – [email protected]

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Te Puia Sales and Trade

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Drone Flying within Te Puia

If you intend to fly a drone you will need to log the flight with HERE as the geothermal valley is in the flight path for Rotorua Airport. The Te Puia media agreement must be completed prior to arrival.


Te Puia Media Agreement

Attached is the Te Puia Media Agreement includes our current Covid-19 requirements and Te Puia’s Health and Safety Policy.  Download HERE


Health and Safety Form – Contractors, Media, Groups

Attached is the Te Puia Health and Safety Contractors Form. This will need to be filled out, signed, and returned to Te Puia prior to entry. please note, Vaccine Passes are not required for entry into Te Puia. Download here Contractors H & S Manual

There is a short video to watch which you can access by clicking on the attached link WATCH HERE Document to sign and return: Contractor email & video link


Management Contact Information:

Anuj Kashyap: Conference & Event Manager – [email protected]

Jessie Emery: MICE Sales Manager – [email protected]

Patrick Emery: Marketing & Communication Coordinator – [email protected]

Adam Taylor-Eruera: International Sales Manager – [email protected]

Zhev Beattie: Domestic Sales Executive – [email protected]

Rewa Ututaonga: CRM & Sales Administrator – [email protected]

Jenha Philips: Marketing & Communications Manager – [email protected]

Sean Marsh: General Manager Sales and Marketing – [email protected]